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Where we started​

A partner of ours for over two years, Securus Technologies provides inmates with tablets, allowing them to connect with their loved ones on the other side. But that’s not their only function: they also connect inmates with educational and entertaining content.

Why it matters

The incarcerated are often rejected, mistreated, forgotten about. As some of our most vulnerable community members, they’re given the least.

But they deserve a second chance—and deserve to believe they deserve a second chance.

So that brought us to the pressing questions we had to answer: what would give them the hope they needed to trust that truth? How could we use the free tablets they already had to do more for them, while encouraging engagement with Securus’ content?

How we proved it

We set out to create free content that would inspire and uplift in a way that very little of the available programming did. When we thought of the idea for Sec2nd Acts, we knew it was the exact message that we, and Securus, needed to share: the real stories of people who were able to turn their life around—to take advantage of their Sec2nd Act.

Who better than Andre Norman, “The Ambassador of Hope,” to take this message home? From prison gang leader to Harvard fellow and revered international speaker, Andre was the perfect host to tell these touching stories of rehabilitation and re-entry into society, and to help others do the same for themselves.

Concept development & Pre-production

With Andre’s guidance, we helped find the most uplifting stories to tell–tales of redemption and hardship that would really resonate with the target audience–then secured the recording venue, scheduled their sessions, and coordinated all of the equipment and logistics.

Video production, Podcast Production & Photography

We coordinated the production of both audio and video content over the course of three jam-packed shooting days in Atlanta. What resulted was nearly 7 hours of engaging, inspirational conversation across 11 varied episodes.


Branding & Multi-channel marketing

We developed a two-pronged launch plan to reach individuals on both sides of the prison walls—because anyone can be in a prison of their own mind, and everyone can benefit from stories of hope, resilience, and transformation.


How we made an impact

350,000+ views in the first 2 months. Downloads across 15 states and 22 countries. Available on 7 streaming platforms

As far as spreading a message of hope and opportunity, we met our goal and more. We created content that matters and put it in the hands of the people it would matter most to.

By partnering with reputable thought leaders who shared vulnerable, valuable stories, we successfully increased Securus’ brand awareness, podcast downloads, and engagement opportunities with new audiences.

Long-term planning & Scalable strategies

We saw such success with the first iteration back in 2021 that we’ve already had a second act of our own: our second series, Day One with Andre Norman, launched on December 1st, 2022.


Securus Technologies is one of our many long-term partners. When they have a need to fulfill or a gap in their marketing strategy, we’ll step up to meet them where they are. And when the next inspirational podcast idea strikes us like lighting, we’ll know exactly who to bring it to.

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