Recovery Soldiers

12-month recovery program 🗓 | Christian, faith-based organization 🙏 | A shared hope for life beyond addiction 💙

Where we started

Helping addicts recover and rediscover their purpose through God’s teachings, Recovery Soldiers Ministries offers a 12-month program that transforms residents into their truest selves: free from addiction and connected with Christ. From gardening to Gospel readings, founders Josh and Marley Scalf teach positive life skills with a uniquely empathetic perspective. They too are in recovery, and they know it gets better.

RSM came to Cumberland looking for new ways to boost awareness around their services. They had success stories to share but didn’t know how to reach the people who needed them most.

Why it matters

19 million adults battle substance abuse every year across America. Many are desperate to break free from addiction’s chokehold but don’t have the resources to do so. As former addicts with Christian convictions, the Scalfs know the power of faith-based recovery firsthand—and they know nobody should have to go it alone.

When our Account Executive Tori met the Scalfs at a church event, she took inspiration from their mission. When she came to us eager to help further their cause, our team couldn’t have agreed more.

How we proved it

We knew the best way to build awareness was through an exemplary brand identity video. With RSM’s blessing, we set out on a multiple-day shoot, touring their facilities, sitting in on meetings, and connecting with residents to film testimonials. Our goal was to help RSM touch as many lives as possible while telling the most meaningful, authentic version of their story.

Like so many of our partners, Recovery Soldiers Ministries was born out of passion. Josh and Marley know what it feels like to be at their lowest point, and it was essential our video sparked hope. With powerful success stories and years of faith-based recovery bolstering the movement, RSM made it easy to work together and tell a transformative story.

Play Video
Play Video

Brand discovery, Pre-production & Video production

We produced a brand identity video to share the faces and values behind RSM’s movement. After scouting locations and speaking with members, we spent two full days shooting interviews, tours, testimonials, and B-roll, capturing what was already happening naturally inside their walls. All we really had to do was establish cinematic lighting, use professional audio-video equipment, and ask the right questions—they brought their moving stories to our setup.


Crisp audio, stirring music, gorgeous visuals—we brought out all the stops to complement RSM’s narrative. With input from their team to ensure we best served their needs, our post-production team compiled a 5-minute foundational video introducing the founders, alumni, and everyday activities that make this organization special. 


From bible study groups and baptisms to job skill training, RSM offers plenty of educational resources to the men and women who live in their residential housing. We shot high-quality photos to help capture the quieter moments of daily life which can be easily shared across different channels like social media or their website.

How we made an impact

With a heartfelt brand identity video and bonus footage to share, Recovery Soldiers Ministries now has content that truly embodies the value of their work. These videos introduce RSM and the people behind the mission in all their humanity, putting a face to recovery and inspiring hope.

Where we went from there

Recovery Soldiers Ministries has already helped hundreds of addicts reinvent their lives—and there are hundreds more in need. The Scalfs and their organization aren’t stopping anytime soon, and neither is our partnership. When marketing needs arise, we’re ready to meet them right then and there.



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