Your logo is your identity, but is yours serving you?

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If it’s been a while since your last refresh (or your initial logo design way back when), we’d like to help you out with a free review of your most integral brand asset.

Logo design

With limited attention spans and endless inputs, consumers are primed to make snap judgments. Where do they start? Your logo—the visual emblem that encapsulates your entire brand. Pretty important, right?

What you’re doing matters. You need a logo to match.

Want us to put your logo to the test? We’re ready.

We have answers to how your logo is successful, what areas could use some improvement, and help you figure out what comes next, too!

Brand refresh

Your logo has the power to be as iconic as your brand itself—but only if it’s designed effectively. If not, it can quickly become outdated and lack versatility in today’s world.


“It was scary to think of rebranding after 40 years, but CM really took everything we wanted to encompass and modernized it to be the most perfect logo for our company.”

Katie Prendergast-Willis
Designer & Client Relations, Prendergast


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