OTR Mobile

1 complete overhaul 🤩 | Dozens of projects and deliverables 👀 | $200,000 in added revenue 💸

Where we started

OTR Mobile had a mission to keep people connected no matter where they roamed. They developed a suite of state-of-the-art multi-carrier WiFi devices, but they needed marketing and branding materials to help them break through the cluttered market.

When the team at Cumberland met with OTR, we were inspired by their drive, dedication, and energetic pursuit of progress. We took inspiration from their can-do, forward-thinking attitude, and set out to create a marketing package with a keen sense of adventure.

Unleash Connectivity on Your Family Camping Trip with OTR WiFi - Stay Connected
Embrace the Outdoors with OTR WiFi: Woman Reading a Book on her iPad While Camping and Staying Connected

Why it matters

OTR’s products offer tangible value to their customers. After all, WiFi is a vitally important resource in today’s digital world. It becomes even more essential for folks out of typical service areas, whether they’re traveling for business or leisure.

OTR is passionate about making WiFi more mobile and more accessible to the people who need it most. We centered our marketing strategy around crystal clear messaging to communicate the true value of their products—a reliable, lightning-fast connection to the world, no matter where you’re logging on.

New Look, Same Reliability: Presenting the OTR logo

How we proved it

OTR was in the market for a total branding overhaul. Over twelve months, Cumberland partnered with OTR to build a vision from the ground up, including a brand workshop, total concept development, SEO and e-commerce strategy, and an all-inclusive advertising campaign. 

We created a visual language for OTR Mobile that expresses their core energy at a glance. The logo says it all—separate points, cutting a crisp path to meet in the middle. 

And no matter where the consumer’s path takes them, OTR’s products and services make it possible to stay connected. Whether that means a family video call during a camping trip or streaming music for ambiance around the campfire, that’s up to them. We made sure to create deliverables that reflected both the indispensable value of OTR’s offerings and the versatility of use for consumers. 

Brand Evolution: Logo and Color Palette Transformation for OTR the best wifi connection.

Branding & Logo lockups

OTR handed Cumberland the reins, and we designed a completely tailored brand identity. From a new name and logo to a revitalized flagship product persona, Cumberland wrapped OTR’s numerous value points in a sleek and stylish package. 

Photography, Commercial, Social media, Banner ads & Print ads

We created photos, videos, and digital design elements that reflect OTR’s dynamic personality, and we didn’t pull any punches—Cumberland utilized more than fifty sets and shoots to capture a wide variety of high-quality, impact-driven content to enhance OTR’s online presence. 

Concept development, Brand strategy & Sales campaigns

Throughout our yearlong partnership with OTR Mobile, we kept up a constant dialogue about the work we were doing. In the process, we uncovered a host of opportunities to improve brand strategy and bolster sales and reach.

An illustrative photo mockup of OTR's website, showcasing a visually appealing and modern web design layout for the best wifi connection nationwide.

How we made an impact

$21,000 in ad spend. $200,000 in revenue. 10x ROI in the first 12 months.

Since implementing Cumberland’s marketing plan, OTR has seen incredible results. Their new website, equipped with eCommerce functionality and designed to deliver their brand identity, is seeing increased sales with each passing week. Customers gravitate towards the high-quality media, easy-to-navigate user interfaces, and meticulous marketing that inspires trust, sparks interest, and addresses their unique needs.

Where we went from there

OTR Mobile inspires us to make connections and keep them strong. It’s how Cumberland pursues every project—with compassionate communication, empathy for your organization’s needs, and a passion for your passion.

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