Rodeo in the Valley

300 acres 🌳 | Thousands of attendees 🎟 | Countless unforgettable experiences 🐴

Where we started

With over 20 years of high-caliber rodeo event production under their (brass-buckled) belts, Brad and Chelsey Nelms were ready to create their own version of a rollickin’ good time—one that brings top bull riders and extraordinary entertainers from across the country to Virginia’s Rodeo In The Valley.

As a professional-bull-rider-turned-family-man, Brad had the connections to book award-winning talent and the skill to produce a standout show. But when it came to marketing, he needed help kicking up dirt, starting with developing a brand identity to match their growing business.

Why it matters

With a focus on family and authentic Western fun, Rodeo In The Valley aimed to create a wholesome, hands-on experience that was as much a spectacle as it was an unforgettable educational experience.

Bringing IRPA-certified cowboys and cowgirls to Rodeo In The Valley meant locals could enjoy entertainment and learn about an American tradition that the Nelms hold close to their hearts.

Why it matters

As a brand new venture by an industry expert, Rodeo In The Valley came to us with no marketing materials—and their 2022 season was only months away. On top of establishing their business with locals and rodeo fans alike, the Nelms needed promotional content that felt as professional and joyful as their upcoming live shows.

With the two-pronged goal of boosting awareness and ticket sales, our team set out to create a visual brand identity that could capture the feel of Rodeo In The Valley and quickly become recognizable. We drew inspiration from their 300 acre venue of Virginian foothills and the families that convene there to enjoy barrel races, bronc riding, lasso lessons, and more.

Our team saddled up and delivered a full-service rebrand in just three months—just in time for the real rodeo to begin.

Rebrand, Logo design, Web design, & Web development

We developed a brand identity to showcase what makes Rodeo In The Valley special. Our initial workshop opened the gates to a logo, color palette, and messaging that’s quintessentially theirs. From there, we designed and launched a website to match, full of exciting digital content and resources to draw in and educate spectators.

Digital ads, Event promotion, & Sponsorship material

We created promotional content to engage newcomers and keep returning fans in the loop, as well as digital ads, billboards, and commercials that brought the rodeo to life and helped secure sponsors.

Video production & Photography

We produced video and photography to visually evoke the excitement and energy of a day at the rodeo. From up-close footage of bucking broncos and their fearless riders to shots of multi-generational fans getting in on the action, our lifestyle content transports viewers to the center of the ring—and convinces them to get their tickets pronto.

How we made an impact

22,000+ website visits. 464,640 impressions. 29,500+ clicks.

During rodeo season alone, from mid-May through the end of September, Rodeo In The Valley saw impressive engagement with their digital content.

Beyond the numbers, Brad and Chelsey came to us with a purpose, and together, we found a marketing niche that authentically connects their venue with rodeo lovers across the country. Using high-quality visuals and messaging to promote their unique experience, Rodeo In The Valley has found its fanbase as an East Coast tribute to the best of the West.

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