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Where we started

Jason Knight honed his knifemaking skills the old-fashioned way—more than 30 years of practice over a burning hot forge. He received the esteemed title of ABS Mastersmith and gained worldwide recognition on the blacksmithing reality television program “Forged in Fire,” to the point that his in-person, small-group smithing classes couldn’t accommodate his global audience.

Jason came to Cumberland in search of a solution. He wanted to share his hard-earned knowledge with other passionate makers around the world, but he wasn’t sure how to get the word out. We were delighted to develop a fun, efficient, and lucrative solution—the “Heritage” online series, produced by Cumberland, starring Jason.

Why it matters

Jason’s dedication to his craft isn’t just a source of inspiration for thousands of aspiring blacksmiths worldwide—his techniques have revolutionized modern bladesmithing. We set out to build Jason a platform that does justice to his skill and passion. We knew that makers across the globe were hungry for his expertise, and we felt a responsibility to spread the word.

We had a problem to solve—how could we share hands-on knowledge in a digital format? How could we ensure that Jason reached his audience effectively?

How we proved it

After thoroughly investigating Jason’s current business model, the way forward was clear—online masterclasses offered in an e-commerce format would exponentially increase his reach and his revenue, too.

Jason’s engaging instruction and Cumberland’s deft production style turned out to be a match made in masterclass heaven.

Concept development & pre-production

After assisting Jason with functionality for his existing website, we were struck with inspiration—we pitched him our idea for online masterclasses, and he said yes. We built the series from the ground up, centered around Jason’s unique skill and persona.

A mockup design of Knight Forge's YouTube channel, showcasing their passion for knife creation.

Branding, Logo design & Website development

Great content needs expert branding to help it shine. We designed a new logo and developed a sleek new website to go with it, where Jason could advertise and sell in-person classes, online masterclasses, custom knives, and merch. We based our vision on Jason’s work—sharp, stylish, and perfectly honed to its purpose.

A digital image showcasing the logo of Knight Forge, heritage series , company known for its craftsmanship and creativity.
A sleek and modern logo for knight forge an online course.
Icons representing the foundation of knight forge.
A custom-designed, new and improved Jason Knight's social media content.
A dynamic digital ad from Knight Forge, inviting viewers to 'Join the Tribe' with their striking logo and captivating imagery.

Marketing materials, Advertising & Social Media

Jason is one of the world’s top three bladesmiths, so we knew there were plenty of passionate fans out there waiting to interact with his content. We built an advertising campaign to tap into the existing market around Jason’s smithing and to reach aspiring makers who hadn’t heard of him yet.

A celebratory YouTube thumbnail from Knight Forge, commemorating the achievement of reaching 100K subscribers.

How we made an impact​

100,000 new followers. $300,000 in revenue. 5 million views. 

The two masterclass series that Cumberland and Jason collaborated on have made a lasting impact online. Hundreds of thousands of makers around the world signed up to learn from Jason—they gained access to a wealth of knowledge, and Jason was rewarded for 30 years of dedication to his craft with a lucrative, evergreen revenue stream.

Where we went from there

Jason has enjoyed massive success with his Forged masterclasses. We’re incredibly proud to assist and support Jason as his following continues to grow. With an ever-productive passive income stream from his online content, he’ll be able to pursue his passion without worry.

Wherever Jason’s bladesmithing takes him, Cumberland is happy to follow. From video conception and production to agile advertising campaigns, we’re delighted to help share his expertise with the world. After all, we’re makers ourselves—we understand just how powerful the creative spirit can be.


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