Baby Brezza®

Hundreds of product demonstration videos | 12 languages | Countless happy families

Where we started

Our nationally recognized partner Baby Brezza® provides products and gear designed to make parenting easier. From safe and convenient bottle sterilizing to quick and easy formula and food prep, Baby Brezza® offers top quality at the lowest prices. Over the course of a five-year collaboration, we’ve helped Baby Brezza® make a coordinated global push, sharing this mission with parents worldwide.

Baby Brezza® wanted to show what their products could do—and just how easy life could be—but needed help to ensure the content was captivating, informative, and cost-effective.

Baby sleeping peaceful while using the baby breeze Sleep swaddle.

Why it matters

Baby Brezza® supports parents so they can better support their children. Effective childcare products save precious time and energy, giving parents more opportunities to create lasting memories instead of worrying over every little detail.

So how could we show busy parents just how much easier their lives could be with these products? How could they understand the product mechanics and inherent benefits, at a glance?

Product demonstration videos served as the perfect combination of informative guidance and compelling storytelling.

How we proved it

We set out to add value and build trust. High production quality was key in establishing Baby Brezza® as a brand that parents could rely on. And clear, easy-to-follow content was essential for busy parents with limited time and attention. We focused on what becomes possible with these products, not just on how they work.

To turn these personal stories and small moments into world-class content, we had to work in an agile manner. We produced professional quality content under tight deadlines and shouldered the logistical burden so that our clients could provide high-level direction, often remotely.

Throughout the process, we stayed true to Baby Brezza®’s mission: creating an easy, enjoyable experience for all moms and babies—and for our client.

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Concept development & Pre-production

We helped develop creative concepts into concrete scripts for various projects, including product demos, product launches, and digital ads. We scouted the perfect locations to set the scene—immaculate, cozy kitchens—and coordinated with local talent—real moms and their babies, the very people Baby Brezza® is meant to serve.

Video production & Photography

We ensured professional-level production quality and an efficient workflow on set. For the Baby Brezza® shoots, our expert team coordinated between busy parenting schedules and infant sleep needs for an all-around seamless experience.

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Post-production translation, Voiceover, & Social media

During post-production, we created Baby Brezza® demo videos in 12 different languages. We sourced voiceover talent, created text callouts, and adhered to the client’s meticulous standards across all content, for brand assets that can reach across continents.

How we made an impact

Making life easier for parents across the world? That’s the biggest accomplishment of all. Our product demonstration videos were engaging sources of information, reminders of the joys of parenting, and entertaining proofs of concept. We helped countless parents and infants ease into a happy household with Baby Brezza® products.

Our ability to launch product demonstration videos in multiple international markets helped Baby Brezza® build a global reputation. They came to us with the outline of a vision; we colored it in and executed it beautifully.

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“I have worked with Cumberland on dozens of projects for Baby Brezza and other products at my consumer products company and every time they have absolutely delivered. They are easy to work with, they always find a way to make things happen and I’ve been 110% happy and satisfied which keeps me coming back time and time again.”


David Contract
Marketing Team Lead, The Betesh Group

Where we went from there

As Baby Brezza® reaches new international markets, our content partnership has evolved into a comprehensive branding strategy. Beyond taking product launches and digital ads from planning to post-production, we also guide Baby Brezza® in experimental marketing campaigns and long-term creative vision.

Ongoing content strategy & Scalable content production

While Baby Brezza® supports children’s evolving needs, we support their evolving marketing strategy. Whether it’s a bold new campaign, tight turnaround time on a batch of videos, or long-term strategy development, we’re here to make scaling up possible—and sharing your brand easy.

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