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40+ years of fantastic dentistry 🦷 | 3 cities 🏙️ | 1 lucrative print campaign 🏆

Where we started

Martin Dentistry was growing—fast. They were on the hunt for new associates and practices to acquire, but making those connections proved a challenging feat. Their Chief Operating Officer, Dustin Mohr, needed a way to contact fellow professionals directly and catch their interest long enough to communicate Martin Dentistry’s inherent value.

Dustin decided on a specialized, targeted print campaign, but he needed help to make it happen. Luckily, he’d already heard fantastic things about another local business—Cumberland Marketing.

Why it matters

Local Kingsport businesses understand the importance of maintaining good relationships. The teams at Martin Dentistry and Cumberland Marketing share a core belief: a dedication to our Tri-Cities community, and a deep investment in the well-being of our local economy.

Martin Dentistry had a lot of value to offer to dentistry professionals in the area, and we were determined to get the word out with efficiency and professional style. With deft design and meticulous strategy, we put together a custom mailing campaign addressed to a very target audience.

How we proved it

The team at Cumberland built a tailored print campaign that fulfilled all of Martin Dentistry’s needs. We took the essential information they provided us and created a cohesive, value-rich packet that spoke directly to the recipients, complete with visual branding that perfectly matched their existing identity and photographs of Martin Dentistry locations and practitioners.

Through a high-caliber professional piece of collateral, we provided potential partners with a clear vision of what awaited them.


Cumberland’s media experts know how to capture an organization’s personality. The photos we took for Martin Dentistry brought their cutting-edge facilities, friendly work environments, and comfortable surroundings into focus for potential business partners.

Print collateral

Sleek, informative, and inviting—we created a print packet that reflects what it’s like to work with Martin Dentistry and quickly communicates the intrinsic value of partnering with this established local practice. 

Lead sourcing & Distribution

Dustin didn’t want to waste time and money sending print materials to people who didn’t need them—it’s part of why he chose to work with Cumberland. We put in the legwork to source accurate, worthwhile leads that offer real return value. Then we printed, packaged, and sent the packets off ourselves, taking extra care to ensure everything was exactly in order.

How we made an impact

Over 80 qualified leads reached. Sustainable growth achieved. Countless connections made.

In the end, Martin Dentistry was able to reach the professionals they needed. Not only that, but they’ve found another use for the materials—as an onboarding booklet for all the new business partners they connected with. Our print campaign helped them connect with talented practitioners and sustain the ongoing growth of their business with skill and ease.

“It’s hard to put a dollar amount on the ROI, but it far exceeds the amount we spent on the project.”

Dustin Mohr
Chief Operating Officer, Martin Dentistry

Where we went from there

When local Kingsport businesses work together, the whole community enjoys the benefits. The partnership between Martin Dentistry and Cumberland Marketing is still creating valuable connections across the Tri-Cities region, and we’re incredibly excited to see what the future holds. 

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