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Ready to build your brand? Let’s get started!

Got a logo but what’s next?

Our Brand Workshop helps map out your brand’s identity beyond the logo, ensuring every visual element aligns with your core values and vision.

Stuck on social media strategy?

Join our workshop to learn how to make a social media plan that really talks to your audience and shows off your brand.

Time for a brand refresh?

Our workshop helps you update and refresh your brand so it feels new and exciting again, drawing more attention.

What is a brand workshop?

A Brand Workshop is a collaborative session that dives into your brand’s purpose, positioning, and personality. It sharpens your brand story, aligns your marketing strategy, and forms a unique brand personality. You’ll receive a clear set of guidelines ensuring consistency and a strong brand identity.

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So how exactly does this work?


We start by figuring out the heart of your brand—what makes you special. We focus on your mission and values to shape a story that truly represents who you are.


We look at where your brand stands today, who your customers are, and who you're up against. From there, we build a plan that makes sure you're reaching the right people.


We help define how your brand should feel and speak. This isn't just about what you say, but how you say it, making sure your brand's voice leaves a lasting impression.

“I’m a vision connector. My experience in building brands and a love for learning inspire me to lead workshops that help our partners not only grow but fully understand and celebrate their unique identities.”

Kevin Mullins
VP of Brand Strategy, Cumberland Marketing

Is your brand as strong as your vision?

Want us to put your brand to the test? We’re ready.

Find out how your brand stands up, where it shines, and where it could use a boost.


Brand Workshop FAQs

What is a Brand Workshop?
A Brand Workshop is an interactive session designed to help you discover and articulate your brand’s core values, strategic positioning, and unique personality, culminating in a comprehensive brand guideline.
Who should attend the Brand Workshop?
Brand Workshops are ideal for key stakeholders, including business owners, marketing teams, and anyone involved in brand decision-making, ensuring a diverse range of insights.
How long does a Brand Workshop last?
Our workshops typically last 2 hours. We offer a condensed 1-hour format for those with tighter schedules.
Do I need to prepare anything for the workshop?
Come with an open mind and any relevant information about your brand’s history and current market positioning. Prior knowledge of your brand’s challenges and goals will enhance the session.
What outcomes can I expect from the workshop?
You’ll receive a detailed brand guideline that includes your brand’s purpose, positioning, and personality, as well as strategic insights and a clear action plan for immediate implementation.


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