Cherese Lee Podcast

10 episodes 🎙 | 5/5 rating on Apple Podcasts ⭐️| 1 powerful story shared with many 🫶

Where we started

From the moment we met Cherese, it was obvious she was a natural storyteller. Inspired by the life challenges she has overcome—from complex medical issues to raising a family of five children—Cherese brings a unique message of hope: there is always someone waiting just for you to show up.

Cherese knew she had stories to share but didn’t have the experience or know-how to turn her creative dream into a concrete reality. She wasn’t sure what form her message should take, how to reach listeners, or how to manage long-term content production from beginning to end.

Why it matters

Resilience is easier when someone walks the journey with you. That’s why Cherese’s podcast is full of personal and deeply human stories to guide her listeners through life’s toughest seasons. Her uplifting message introduces a simple perspective change that anyone can make as the key to showing up and staying for more.

From the get-go, we understood that Cherese’s podcast was about creating long-term impact. Our task was to create the best content for the right platforms to deliver a message that lasts.

How we proved it

We focused on building a comprehensive content strategy with Cherese’s message at the core. Cherese had spent a lot of time developing her story—attending writing groups, outlining episodes—but was unsure how to plan and execute regular content production.

We stepped in with our expertise, building a podcast from scratch. Over the course of a few months, we scheduled production tasks and recording sessions while staying true to Cherese’s unique vision and voice.

From the start, Cherese and our team stayed on track with clear deliverables. We settled on a first-season podcast of ten episodes and a professional-quality brand design and website to help bring those episodes to a larger audience. By creating optimized digital content, we built trust with listeners and established a brand image that connects.

Brand development & Website Development

We led Cherese’s entire brand evolution, carefully selecting logos, colors, fonts, and more to match her creative vision. We also created various graphics that can easily be incorporated into future images and designs. Beyond branding, our team set up an easy-to-manage website, scalable with Cherese’s needs. 

Podcast production & Distribution

Our experienced content team helped Cherese produce ten podcast episodes compatible with all major podcast platforms. We gathered the necessary equipment, played a role in script development, and took care of recording and post-production for an immaculate, professional sound.

Podcast production
podcast brand development

Marketing materials, Photography & Videography​

We set Cherese up for success with high-quality marketing content to support her podcast launch and beyond. Our team traveled to her home for custom photography and a personalized teaser video, complete with impressive drone footage.

How we made an impact

5,000+ listens. 2 major streaming platforms. Many lives changed.

Cherese’s message of hope and resilience is a gift that keeps giving, and we’ve only begun to share it. But as she would have told you from the start, changing even one life is well worth the effort, and has always mattered more than widespread recognition.

By developing a brand and content strategy from start to finish, we made Cherese’s dreams a reality.

Where we went from there

We showed up to realize Cherese’s vision so she could show up for her listeners. Since the podcast first aired, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. And with a partnership and brand strategy designed for scaling up, we can continue to inspire change at any moment.

This podcast came from Cherese’s mind and, more importantly, her heart. Who knows what other uplifting messages she’ll want to share with the world? When her next idea starts to take shape, we’ll be ready to bring it into focus and bring it to the people.


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