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Hundreds of spaces reclaimed 💯 | 5 unique services ✨ | 1 woman-powered shop 💪

Where we started

Tina Wilson began framing her clients and their families as a photographer. Almost 10 years later, her vision blossomed into Reclaimed Inspired Goods: an interior design firm offering a variety of in-home services and a century-old storefront overflowing with practical and luxury home goods.. 


With the same keen eye that served her behind the camera, Tina curated her brand to feature the design, styling, and shopping experiences local homemakers craved. She thought about marketing in-house, but as a retail shoppe, interior design agency, and photography studio, how would she communicate her one-of-a-kind brand to new customers clearly and effectively? 

Why it matters

Reclaimed Inspired Goods combines the personal touch of a handpicked boutique with the efficiency and expertise of a full-scale interior design agency. They’re filling a gap in home goods and services for the Tri-Cities region and, with style on their side, revitalizing homes and reclaiming spaces.

In Tina’s words, reclamation is all about potential—repurposing objects and spaces to build a home that exudes warmth and inspires connection. In a market full of mass-produced, low-quality novelties, Cumberland is proud to partner with a brand that’s committed to helping clients bring the best of the best to their homes.

How we proved it

After an in-depth brand workshop, our team got to work designing the new website and creating original video content that would populate it. Our content maintained the same high quality that Tina’s clients have come to expect, but now had the clarity and personality to draw new customers in.

Our campaign also included three months of social media assistance, in-house training on how to keep customers engaged, and the creation of a clear, user-friendly website that showcases the brand’s impressive portfolio and services.

Reclaimed Inspired Goods finally has an online presence worthy of nearly 10 years of dedication, creativity, and beloved work.

Brand development, Web design & Web development

By addressing confusion and customer pain points, we developed and launched a new website that evokes the eye-catching and informative in-store experience for digital shoppers. Full of user-friendly layouts, B-roll footage, and client testimonials, the website now highlights the brand’s various products and services in all their timeless glory.

Video Production & Photography

Our brand video tells Reclaimed Inspired Goods’ story in Tina’s own words. This foundational content offers a unique peek into the business and a better understanding of its mission. From table brainstorms with the design team to home refreshers with stylists, the video serves as a warm introduction to the brand’s heartfelt work.


Play Video
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Social media

We created three months of social media content to boost brand recognition, then trained an in-house team to take over content planning and production. From seasonal specials to fabulous in-store finds, this new social media content inspired engagement from new clients and returning customers alike.


How we made an impact

Audience growth up 137%. Engagement up 600%. Impressions up 575%.

Our campaign inspired social media users to engage with Reclaimed Inspired Goods like never before. Tina’s business now has a distinct advantage over competitors and a broad range of potential clients to connect with. Thanks to an informative, gorgeous website, the brand’s ethos and innovative services are clear to all those who visit. 

Where we went from there

Once a photography studio, now a multifaceted home goods collective—Tina’s vision and purpose keep growing, and so will Reclaimed Inspired Goods. So, whether her next big project is promoting a second brick-and-mortar storefront or expanding her service offerings, Cumberland is ready to step up and deliver.


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