Questions Answered: Dear Home

Production Insight from Tori Humphreys, VP of Operations

When you are producing a commercial, like this one for TRI, that is so closely tied to the image of our region as a whole, does that change the way you approach the project? Do you feel more or less pressure producing something that represents your home?

Projects tied to our region as a whole are some of our favorite projects to take on. When you live in the region you’re promoting, you want to do it justice. It’s easy for our community to take for granted the fact that we have an airport in our backyard. This video was a chance for us to highlight our hometown airport and remind locals what an asset they are to our region. TRI is proud to serve this region and we wanted to make viewers feel proud to live in this region. There’s added pressure, but the reward definitely outweighs that pressure.

What was the single most difficult shot to coordinate/capture for this project? 

There wasn’t one specific shot that was any more difficult than another, but our biggest hurdle was working with the sun. Most of these shots were later into the fall and the sun was setting very early and very quickly. The best lighting for the look we were going for was right before sunset. We just had to make sure our shooting window was as close to sunset as possible and that we captured the shot quickly and accurately.

How did you select the locations, like the fire tower, for this shoot?

When determining locations for this shoot, we wanted the “wow” factor. Fortunately for us, there are a lot of stunning places and beautiful scenery in our region that are worth showcasing. The fire tower shown in this video is an iconic location in our region and we knew a sunset shot would be absolutely magical. We had plenty of crew members to carry equipment and all dressed for the hike to get the incredible shot.

Were there any challenges that were unique to this project which you haven’t faced when working with other clients? 

Shooting during a pandemic has a whole new set of challenges we have never faced. One thing we had to consider with this shoot was knowing when to have talent wear masks in shots and when it wasn’t required. We had to make sure viewers understand masks are required when inside the airport, but without it being distracting for the rest of the video. It was a balance that we feel we ultimately achieved. Safety meets creativity.

Is there anything else you want people to know about this project?

Our client loved the finished video, but one of the most rewarding feelings is hearing from community members how much they loved it. When they feel like you took the time to capture the essence of this region, it means a lot to them. They see their home and it gives them a sense of pride. And that is the best form of gratitude.   


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