Coalition for Kids

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Where we started

Founded by community leader Randy Hensley, Coalition for Kids offers full-service afterschool care to their community. Over our two-year partnership, we’ve seen firsthand the level of excellence they deliver, providing educational, mental, emotional, and spiritual support at the highest level.

When Coalition for Kids first came to us, they were one of the country’s leading afterschool programs—and set to expand further. But their branding was not of the same professional quality as their programs. We helped them build an external brand image to match what they were doing internally.

Why it matters

Afterschool care facilities can become a second home for kids of all ages. Coalition for Kids turns the average after school program into an opportunity for immeasurable growth. The organization provides homework help, physical activities, nutritious food, and a safe space during a child’s most formative years.

C4K is an organization with a lot of heart, and we wanted to put all of the love they have to share into their digital branding. Our question was how to create online touchpoints that were as warm and welcoming as walking through the door of their in-person facilities.

How we proved it

We set out to build a brand reputation reflective of C4K’s national position in afterschool care. The organization was in a critical growth period and needed branding to support that goal. There was also a larger audience to reach as they expanded into new areas: people in the community who would provide funding, send their children to the programs, or join as staff members..

To provide a strong foundation for expansion, we built C4K’s brand from the ground up. Our complete brand redesign focused on Coalition for Kids’ quality of service: how their innovative, holistic afterschool program went above and beyond the normal after school program. .

We built a website and created marketing material on par with this high standard of care. With professional-quality graphics and images that could easily be reproduced across their content, we were able to build trust with donors, sponsors, families, government officials, and the community at large.

Video production, Audio production & Script development

We created high-quality introductory and fundraising videos both for in-person events and for website visitors to learn more about Coalition for Kids. We developed scripts tailored to families and donors, ensuring professional footage in every scene. The finished product was a polished, easy-to-understand overview of C4K’s mission and unique program design.

Brand refresh, Brand identity, Website redesign, Updated messaging & Logo design

We determined a cohesive brand identity and are in the process of building a sleek, easy-to-navigate website, ready to welcome new visitors. The redesign includs an improved hiring webpage that simplified the recruiting process and reflects the organization’s high standards. We also created custom logos and graphics to convey their values and designed an intuitive user flow so various groups —families, donors, volunteers, and beyond—could easily find the information they needed. 

Social media strategy & Content development

We worked closely with Coalition for Kids to create polished, versatile content. We ensured the custom marketing materials conveyed the brand’s quality and credibility at a glance and could be used across platforms and marketing channels—social media campaigns, events, promotional materials, and beyond.

How we made an impact

Increased impressions. Higher program demand. Significant boost in fundraising results.

In terms of conveying C4K’s value to the kids and families who need the afterschool programs the most, we’ve gone above and beyond. Coalition for Kids continues to expand to new counties and to attract the staff that makes this growth possible.

With excellent branding materials to share over social media and an easy-to-navigate website being designed and built for a wide variety of viewers, Coalition for Kids is moving towards a more robust online presence. These efforts are leading to increased traffic, engagement, and ultimately, funds raised to support programming.

Where we went from there -
Long-term brand development & Social media strategy

We’ve taken C4K’s mission and run with it. We’ve taken part in social media strategy and content development, created event materials and promotional items, and advised on future marketing channels to try as they work to expand across the country.

Who knows how far we can all grow together? From marketing a new afterschool program to creating assets for their next major event, we’re here with consistent, top-quality branding materials for all of C4K’s engagements. And we’re ready to build upon the organization’s strong online presence, bringing new ideas to the community and more families through the funnel.

“Their staff bends over backward to learn who you are so they can communicate to the world that doesn’t know you. Some of our biggest wins are because of CM’s commitment to quality.”


Randy Hensley
Executive Director, Coalition for Kids

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