Stateline Services

35+ years of experience 🏆 | 4 core service offerings 🧰 | 1 reliable company ⭐️

Where we started

Experts for over 35 years in commercial HVAC, Stateline Services began as a company offshoot dedicated to residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical and drain to Tri-Cities homeowners. From leaky pipes to electrical issues, these home comfort specialists deliver all-in-one solutions alongside top-notch customer service and affordable pricing plans.  

But connecting residents with home repair services was only half the work—Stateline Services also needed marketing assets as remarkable as their 24/7 in-home service offerings.

Why it matters

With loyalty, dependability, and comfort at their core, Stateline Services strives to be the obvious answer to any unexpected or long-term HVAC, plumbing, electrical and drain issues local residents encounter. Our team knew that helping this company build brand recognition meant helping more families connect with quality workmanship.

At Cumberland, we believe your home should be your safe haven—and basic necessities like reliable heat, air conditioning, water, or electricity shouldn’t be a daily obstacle. Taking on Stateline Services’ rebrand didn’t feel like a question; it felt like the right thing to do.

How we proved it

Stateline Services came to us with one major goal: to ensure their name comes first in a customer’s mind the second something goes wrong at home. They’d experienced decades of success with their parent company, HVAC, but weren’t sure how to transfer that success over to a new market and audience. 

So our team set out to rebrand Stateline Services in its second year through marketing that met the brand’s high caliber. We came up with a campaign strategy that replaced impersonal, commercial marketing tactics with authentic messaging and professional imagery that fostered connection and trust.

Brand development, storyboarding, video production, & photography

We produced TV commercials, employee testimonial videos, and a brand identity video that captured the humanity behind every repair. Likewise, our lifestyle photography showed home comfort specialists doing what they do best: satisfying locals with unparalleled customer service. Shared via social media, digital ad placements, and their website, these visuals show prospective customers that they’re not just hiring an expert—they’re hiring a hero.

Web design, web development, & social media

With customer ease in mind, we designed and launched a website and social media pages to keep clients up-to-date on company services and encourage newcomers to reach out. To attract a residential, community-based market of homeowners, we also created lighthearted strategies (like influencers “Stateline Steve” and “Stateline Stacy”)—and the locals can’t stop talking about them.

Billboards, radio ads,
TV ads, & content strategy

Taking different types of prospective clients into consideration, we created billboard, tv and radio ads to double down on brand awareness. Because Stateline Services stems from a reputable parent company, these placements reached older clients who trust HVAC but don’t use social media.

How we made an impact

78+% increase in website traffic, CTR, and SEO performance | 100% boost to social media presence

Thanks to a full-service campaign around our “Hero for Hire” tagline, Stateline Services has a dedicated social media following and more clients to help. Through storytelling and a refined visual rebrand, we established their name across the Tri-Cities region without compromising on quality. They now have the credibility—and content—to continue building a reputation as everyday heroes ready to lend a hand, day or night. 

Where we went from there

Just like the homes they maintain, Stateline Services is invaluable—both to the families that depend on their work and to us. Whatever marketing needs come their way, Cumberland is ready to be their hero for hire. And if any of us need our plumbing fixed, we know who to call.