Eastman CNDP

A $1 billion investment 🌱 | 160,000 tons of polyester to be recycled annually ♻️ | The largest global material-to-material recycling plant 🇫🇷

Where we started

A longtime customer of ours, Eastman Chemical Company, is becoming a major player in mechanical and molecular recycling services. In our 20+ years of working together, we’ve collaborated on a wide range of marketing materials; in 2022, we embarked on our most important project to date.

Eastman announced their plans to build the world’s largest material-to-material recycling facility in France, operational by 2025. They turned to us to design key documents to meet the requirements of France’s environmental review process. 

Why it matters

The global waste crisis—and its impact on climate change—is one of the most pressing international issues. With 300 million tons of plastic produced each year and only 12% actually recycled, Eastman has found opportunities to create a circular, recycling-driven economy.

The facility in France will become a major player in the recycling process. Construction and planning are inherently collaborative, involving key stakeholders such as customers, NGOs, government officials, and more.

Eastman has the industrial expertise. We’re here to help them reach the people they need. 

How we proved it

The project involved the design and development of two official documents: a long-form, 100+ page project description and a shorter brief. In order to meet France’s specific environmental requirements and receive the necessary approval to proceed with construction, we proceeded with the utmost care and attention to detail.


We handled the design in full, creating documents that were visually interesting, reflective of Eastman’s mission, and supportive of their brand credibility. Throughout the design process, we also worked closely with Eastman and a French environmental affairs agency, incorporating their feedback, meeting deadlines, and orienting to changes on short notice. 

Branding & Graphic Design​

We focused on bringing a cohesive look and feel to the documents, thereby affirming the company’s professionalism and building trust with the review board. We collaborated closely with Eastman to ensure the documents reflected the company’s mission.

We designed a wide range of visual displays to support the text, including tables, charts, and graphs. We experimented with different layouts, brand colors, to create an intuitive and easy reading experience. 

Image Curation

We carefully curated images to support the text, ensuring correct photography and sourcing at each step. The images had to meet the high standards of a major global company and tell the most compelling story.

How we made an impact

3 key stake holders. 2 essential documents. 1 successful review process

To move forward with the recycling plant, the CNDP (Commission nationale du débat public) had to review and approve these official documents—Eastman received the go-ahead they needed. In the process, we worked with multiple players in environmental affairs, bringing them together for a facility that will touch countless lives.


Where we went from there

We’ve continued our close partnership with Eastman, taking on a wide variety of overflow projects from their communications team. From advising and consultation to last-minute project support, we’re ready for the one-off projects and the major milestones alike.

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photography for Eastman Chemical's annual print Sustainability Report

Eastman Sustainability Report