What’s Your Logo Design Style? A Closer Look at 8 Categories

Your brand’s visual design tells customers what you’re all about–and a standout style builds brand recognition like no other.

That's why we've crafted eight distinct logo design styles that cater to the uniqueness of every brand. While these categories help define our direction, these styles are more than design; they're a visual language that speaks to your audience, conveying your personality and message.



A fusion of letters and design, lettermark logos employ initials to embody the brand. They focus on transforming individual letterforms into designs that capture the eye. Lettermarks are perfect for brands with long names or businesses with naturally occurring acronyms.



Typography takes center stage in wordmark logos. They center around the use of custom fonts or text only to create a distinct and easily recognizable brand identity. Wordmarks are effective for brands with distinctive names that convey a mood or feeling on their own.



Symbol logos feature an iconic graphic or symbol that represents the brand without relying on an explanation. The symbol’s recognition can often transcend language barriers and deliver a universal message.



For brands that dare to be different, abstract logos offer a playground for depth and creativity. Shapes, forms, and colors come together to evoke a feeling or idea related to the brand. They challenge viewers to interpret and engage with the design.



Imagine your brand personified—a mascot logo brings this imagination to life. A perfect companion for brands with a friendly or youthful appeal, these logos are your brand's dynamic sidekicks.



Prepare to be amazed by the hidden magic of negative space logos. These designs ingeniously conceal extra layers of meaning within their forms, inviting viewers to explore and discover.



Minimalism meets creativity in monoline logos, where a single line can create an entire mark. Clean and versatile, these logos embrace simplicity that is versatile for various industries.



Precision and symmetry rule the realm of geometric logos. This style exudes professionalism and order, making it an excellent choice for brands aiming for a polished image.

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