Top Benefits of Working With Video Production
for Social Media

Research estimates that advertising budgets will have comprised nearly 14% of enterprise costs by the end of 2023. It's no secret that stellar marketing strategies can make or break a company's performance. Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can leverage.

Hiring a professional social media videographer is essential, but not every brand has access to one. Many companies choose to outsource this obligation instead.

Working with a firm that specializes in video production for social media can be an amazing investment. Let's explore the primary benefits below.

Better Engagement

A reputable professional can take your content's quality to the next level. They've likely worked with dozens or even hundreds of businesses like yours.

So they understand the nuances of getting amazing results. This includes handling design, lighting, etc. High-quality content often gets far more engagement.

People will be more willing to interact with and share your videos. They'll also spend more time watching them on average.

Cost Efficiency

It's possible to create high-quality content on your own. However, it will likely cost you more than hiring a videographer.

Many companies don't have the budget to reach their goals on their own. Those that can afford to maximize quality may lose direction along the way.

There's also a chance your business might purchase unnecessary equipment or software. This can dramatically inflate production costs.

Setbacks like these can cause substantial timeline delays. Your money is put to better use in the hands of a professional, so don't overlook this benefit.

Take Better Advantage of Video Content

Video content is some of the most effective that you can use. Without professional services, you might not take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

Hiring a videography firm can help you scale your video content strategy. You'll likely be surprised at what you're capable of with the right team on your side.

Better Content

As previously mentioned, a professional videographer can easily improve the quality of your social media videos. However, they can also help you create better content.

No matter how high-quality your videos are, they won't meet your needs if they aren't interesting or useful. For instance, consider brand videos shot in 4K resolution. Qualitywise, they'll stand out among the other videos on users' feeds.

If the content isn't captivating, users are likely to keep scrolling and forget they even saw your video. Your videographer will listen to your ideas and adjust them as necessary. Oftentimes, companies have a solid vision but impractical execution.

Untrained individuals don't know what angles to shoot from. They also don't know how to capture the perfect moments.

Hiring production services can help you come up with something original. This content will grab your audience's attention and accurately represent your brand. From here, your message will be much more effective.

Time Savings

Time is the most important resource a business has. It dictates how a company can adapt to changes, meet deadlines, and scale.

Professional videographers have optimized their workflows. They can churn out high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take a regular business. You can then invest the time you save into other obligations.

Depending on how much content you create regularly, outsourcing can substantially improve your company's productivity. This translates to improved customer satisfaction, higher revenue, etc.

Access to Professional Equipment

Video production is notoriously expensive. Many cameras cost thousands of dollars, and it's not uncommon for certain software to cost the same. An entire setup could far exceed your social media marketing budget.

Companies that purchase equipment also need to train their teams. Cameras, software, and microphones come with steep learning curves that take years to master.

There are also fine details to consider, such as product placement. By hiring a professional, you can forego these costs entirely.

You'll have access to top-tier, modern equipment that delivers the best results. You will instantly notice a difference compared to the gear you were using in-house.

Improved Brand Awareness

Getting your brand in front of the right people is the best way to grow your industry presence. Video production services will provide amazing content for your brand that you can post across your social media platforms.

If you create content on your own, your results will likely be subpar. This means you won't increase your brand awareness as much as you could have.

Better Credibility

Don't overlook the fact that professional services can boost your credibility. Reputable videographers are particular about who they work with.

If you hire a big name in the industry, this conveys that your business is trustworthy. It also shows that the production company values its professional relationship with your brand.

Your audience will have a better impression of your business, as well. They will likely feel that your company is on the right track if it can work with successful businesses.

Peace of Mind

There's also something to be said about the peace of mind outsourcing provides. When you don't have to worry about this obligation, you can improve your productivity in other areas. This is especially useful for small businesses, as smaller companies often stretch their resources fairly thin.

At the very least, you'll eliminate unnecessary stress. This can help you avoid burnout and stay firing on all cylinders.

Growing Your Social Media Presence

High-quality content won't maximize your social media presence on its own.

There are certain steps you have to take to make the most of your content strategy. Here are some of the most notable.

Research Your Competition

You can learn a lot from looking at your competition. Investigate what type of content they post.

Pay attention to how they interact with their audience. You should also look into their content schedule to see how often they post. The more details you learn, the better.

Don't copy them exactly, though. This could inadvertently confuse your audience.

It might also make them think of your competitors when they see your brand. It's recommended to research the best-performing competitors in your space.

Look for consistencies among them, such as social media trends they focus on and when they post their content. This will help you develop a solid strategy.

Understand Your Audience

The better you understand your audience, the easier it is to resonate with them.

People will only watch content they find relevant. So, you'll need insight into the fine details of your target demographic.

Consider attributes like:

  • Annual income
  • Gender age
  • Level of education
  • Hobbies/interests

You should also consult your past social media analytics for more info. Pay attention to strategies that worked and those that didn't. For example, how was your conversion rate on your landing pages?

This allows you to emphasize forms of marketing that meet your needs. You can also reconfigure those that fall short.

Stay flexible so you can adapt to your audience's needs over time. Doing so helps your content always provide something of value.

Pay Attention to Trends

Trends heavily dictate what's popular. Trendy content is more likely to get high levels of engagement.

Even if current trends don't seem relevant to your business, it's still important to research them. There's a good chance you can learn from them and rework your social media marketing strategy.

Don't feel compelled to follow trends exactly, though. Put your twist on things to create something unique. The more memorable your content is, the better.

Provide Something of Value for Free

Your content should always be valuable. It should be informative, entertaining, etc. to maximize your engagement.

Some of the best types of content are guides and tutorials. People often love learning how to solve problems on their own, and your content can serve as a great resource.

If your content is useful enough, people will share it with their followers. You shouldn't overlook the potential this can have.

If someone in your audience has a massive following, a single repost can substantially improve your brand awareness. In some cases, it can take your company to the next level overnight.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the foundation of any social media marketing strategy. People are soon to forget marketing messages if they don't see them regularly. Social media algorithms also love accounts that post frequently.

If this happens to your brand, they'll focus on a competitor instead. Establish a content schedule and stick to it. Do your best to never deviate, as it can be difficult to get back on track.

However, make sure you don't post too often. This can annoy your followers and cause them to mute your posts.

They might even unfollow your account. When this occurs, you likely won't reach them again in the future. With enough time, consistency will help you get the results you need.

Just be sure you don't sacrifice quality for frequency. Consistency only works if you produce valuable content.

How to Find the Right Service

Not all video production services are created equal. It's crucial to do your due diligence when searching so you can make the best decision. Let's look at how you can find the right service provider.

Industry Reputation

Research their past reputation to gain insight into what you can expect. Keep an eye out for reviews that mention professionalism, timeliness, and video quality.

It's normal to encounter the occasional negative review. Consider the recency of these reviews, however. If most of an agency's feedback is negative, this is a red flag you shouldn't ignore.

This is true even if their overall rating is high. A scenario like this could indicate their quality doesn't meet the standards it used to.


Ask about their pricing structure before hiring them. The last thing you want is to deal with financial surprises.

Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Not all production services are created equal, and it's never recommended to choose the cheapest option.

With that said, you don't have to hire the most expensive service. Somewhere in the middle of the price range can likely meet your needs.

They should have no trouble providing an itemized breakdown of their services. This lets you see exactly where your money goes.

Stay wary of companies that deflect or ignore this request. This is a sign they're charging their clients more than they should.

Past Work

They should have a portfolio full of high-quality projects you can review. If you can't find it on their website, reach out to them and ask for more information.

They may be able to send you examples of their work. Prioritize hiring a service that frequently works with companies like yours.

A business's needs highly depend on its industry, and you'll need someone who understands the nuances of your company. Quality over quantity matters when researching their portfolio.

To elaborate, imagine one firm has five high-quality projects while another has 20 mediocre ones. It's in your best interest to choose the videographer that delivers the highest quality.


The firm you choose should be easy to get in touch with. You never want to be left in the dark while your project is ongoing.

Gauge how easy they are to contact. You shouldn't have trouble reaching them via phone call or email.

If they're initially difficult to speak to, you should choose another option. Otherwise, you risk hiring someone you can't communicate with. This will only make your project more difficult.

Have Patience

Be patient during your search, and never settle for less. This goes a long way toward making the ideal choice.

It can sometimes take months to find the right social media videographer. This is a necessary hurdle to overcome if you want great results.

Don't Overlook Video Production For Social Media

To get the best results, you'll need to work with a professional. Look for a reputable firm that specializes in video production for social media. From here, you'll reach heights you previously thought were impossible.

Get in touch with us today at Cumberland Marketing. Our professional staff has the tools and resources to connect you with the best solutions.