The Team Proving Your Work Matters: Reagan Streetman

Reagan Streetman

Reagan in a Nutshell

If you can’t find Reagan working on her signature thrifted office couch, she’s probably outside road biking or hiking a nearby mountain. She takes her fun almost as seriously as her work and prides herself on her ability to align client goals with a perfectly tailored marketing strategy. Her life mantra is simple; love God and love people. Only Reagan could give you a rundown of the best 80s bands one day and demonstrate her favorite weightlifting exercises the next. There is truly no one like her!

Passion for Partnering

As an account executive, I take the time to understand a client’s unique attributes and business goals. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or sales, we are committed to personalizing our marketing approach.

Reagan’s 5-point Plan for Success:

Step 1: Host a discovery meeting to learn more about your business

Step 2: Create a marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals 

Step 3: Work closely with our creative team to develop key marketing assets for your campaign

Step 4: Launch marketing assets and tactics

Step 5: Review and report - Let’s measure our success!