Empowering Survivors: Creating the ‘Defying Destiny’ Podcast

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The "Defying Destiny" podcast by Securus Technologies will soon emerge as a powerful platform for raising awareness about human trafficking. The podcast, in partnership with the nonprofit organization IN OUR BACKYARD, empowers survivors to share their stories of resilience and hope. Before the launch, we dive into the collaborative efforts of the Cumberland Marketing team (Jordan, Britney, and Kevin) as they navigate the challenges of graphic design, video production, and traveling across the country to align their mission with Securus Technologies' vision.

Logo Design

Kevin Mullins, Logo Designer

Q: Can you describe the process of creating the “Defying Destiny” podcast logo and the creative direction you took?

K: When Britney brought me the task of branding a podcast centered around such a serious and sensitive subject matter as human trafficking, I knew I had to be careful. The challenge would be to create a logo - a singular graphic mark - that could honor the gravity of the topic while offering a symbol of hope for survivors. This would be different in tone from the previous logos for Securus Originals: Sec2nd Acts and Day One with Andre Norman, which centered on the topics of incarceration and reentry. Defying Destiny would emphasize a more feminine feel and need to evoke a sense of internal peace. Additionally, Jordan expressed her wish for a natural vibe to infuse warmth and positivity through the color yellow.

The result, I feel, is the perfect balance: two hands gently cradling and lifting up a daffodil flower - a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. The delicate lines offer a sense of care, while the contrast of dark charcoal and bright yellow color palette represents the emergence of hope and light within even the darkest of situations.

Defying Destiny Logo Style Guide

Pre-Production and Production

Jordan Bailey, Lead Creative Producer
Britney Rochette, Production Coordinator

Q: How did this project come together with the client, Securus Technologies?

J: This marked our third year collaborating with the Securus team on a podcast series. The partnership we share is an incredible value. While they could have chosen any production team for a shoot in Portland, they truly value our input and expertise. Being a family-owned business from Kingsport, we appreciate the trust the client has placed in us. 

Q: How does the theme of human trafficking align with Securus Technologies' mission, and what prompted the company to focus on this issue?

J: This topic doesn’t get spoken about as much as it should, especially regarding trauma healing.  Human trafficking affects both women and men. Unfortunately, some of the incarcerated population just don’t have the understanding to articulate the trauma they have experienced through sexual exploitation. “Defying Destiny” provides real stories for them to see they aren’t alone, educate them on what exactly they went through and how it might have affected them and gives them resources to begin their journey of recovery.

Q: What themes or overarching ideas did the guests explore throughout the filming of the podcast, and why do you believe that they’re important?

B: The theme of the podcast is HOPE. What happened in your past, or what you have been subjected to, does not define your identity or determine your destiny.

I’m also so proud that Jordan and I, as two women, did this! We are a part of something bigger than ourselves in helping other women to heal and be aware of how often they’re at risk of sexual abuse.

J: The guests shed light on the harsh realities they faced. However, the podcast will also reach into the post-trafficking phase, highlighting how these individuals escaped from their situations and showcasing the steps they took toward rebuilding their lives. The conversations focused on the question of "How did you get out?" and explored the ways in which the survivors are currently contributing to the cause and supporting others.

IN OUR BACKYARD has declined numerous production companies in the past due to differing perspectives and values. However, our unique approach with Securus of taking the podcast directly into prisons convinced them to partner with us. We have gained access to an audience that is often locked up, forgotten, and unheard.

Q: How did travel play a role in the development of this podcast?

B: Our first day was exhausting! For us to get to Portland was almost an 18-hour travel schedule.

To be efficient and ensure cost-effectiveness during travel for the client and us, we rented production equipment. With only the two of us traveling, it made things so much easier NOT to check luggage and already have gear waiting for us on set.

Q: Where can we expect the podcast to be released?

J: The video content of all 6 guests will be released exclusively to the 300,000 incarcerated individuals using Securus Technologies tablets and the audio-only version will be released to the public on all major podcast platforms.


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