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Kingdom Collaboration

There is an art to capturing the essence and vision of a ministry gathering, particularly when it comes to an inaugural event. From the very first glimpse of a thoughtfully crafted logo design or designed promotional material, it should bring a sense of purpose, unity, and divine connection. Such an impactful impression has the power to inspire and draw potential attendees to be a part of your worship experience.

We had the privilege of working closely with Christ Fellowship’s Communication Director, Brittney Tipton, and Lead Pastor, Derek Hardon, as they prepared for the launch of the “Kingdom Collaboration Conference (KCC).” Set against the backdrop of a stunning East Tennessee property, KCC promised a collective pursuit of God’s presence to facilitate a conversation with Him. In expressing the conference's profound vision, Pastor Hardon eloquently captures its essence, stating, “We’re believing God is going to talk to you, He’s going to speak into your life, and when He does, He is going to invite you to collaborate with Him. To partner with His plans. To see your home, your community, your place of work transforms by His presence.” Through teaching, worship, community connection, and solitude with God, participants will learn to hear from the Lord personally and see breakthroughs of identity, direction, and trust. To complement these aspirations, the event would feature four influential speakers from across the country whose words would ignite a movement of prayer and worship.

Kingdom Collaboration Conference

To hear from God personally.

To recognize His voice.

To experience Him naming you and sending you.

To understand how to rest in Him fully.

To carry out heaven on earth.

Join us as we sit down with our Senior Graphic Designer, Bri Jorgenson, a purveyor of pixels and a vector wizard, to uncover the journey of crafting an unforgettable logo and visual identity for this extraordinary event.


Q: What excited you most about this project?

B: Quick backstory, but my design passion started in high school by helping out at my church. It was small work, but it made me really start to think, ‘I could make a career out of this…who knew?!’ At the time, I had always planned on being a nurse.

This project excited me because I felt inspired by my love of Jesus. I’m close to the topic. ???? I also believe in the success that comes from having a caring heart and sharing my gifts to help lead others to the church.

Q: Could you explain your approach to the design process and collaboration with the Christ Fellowship partners?

B: Building an external partnership can be a challenge, and I get that. It’s natural for people to think, “They just don’t understand me.” But our first job is to truly LISTEN. That’s what sets us apart. We get to know you and find the best solutions - together.

In the design process, the magic for me comes from really pushing those little blocks of pixels around and start duplicating and manipulate the shapes to see what comes together. It’s all in finding that delicate balance of keeping it visually interesting and still simple. 

Q: How did you infuse inspiration and meaning into this design, especially keeping in the theme for a ministry-minded event?

B: People find themselves in different stages in their spiritual journey with God. The intention behind Kingdom Collaboration and the pursuit of a conversation with God brought to mind two biblical stories. First, the icon draws inspiration from the Old Testament Temple with the repetition of three for the tiers of the temple, ultimately ending in the innermost circle representing the Holy of Holies–the sacred place to hear God’s voice. Secondly, the story of Moses in Exodus 3:2–4, where 'the angel of the LORD appeared to him in flames of fire within a bush.' The concept of using a flame as a symbol of hearing God's voice sparked my inspiration for the color palette, which incorporates a tinted shade of red that I named 'Burning Bush.'

Another thing that really helped connect the logo to the ministry was the effective use of simple mock-ups. How would the logo look on-screen in the worship room? How would the color palette extend to social posts? By showing context in the presentation, we were able to bring the brand to life and helped our partners at Christ Fellowship get buy-in from their team.

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