On Purpose

Sometimes life takes a long and winding road before you get to where you need to be. For Ben Blessing, that has definitely been the case. Ben is now the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Blue Emu and E.P.T. but, before he climbed the corporate ladder, Ben had to surmount some unique hurdles of his own.

Ben and I sat down to talk about how he has made the journey from opioid addict and alcoholic to where he is now and the important role that “purpose” had in his transformation. Ben has made the comeback of a lifetime and is dedicated to helping others do the same. Finding purpose in his life became the key to unleashing a wealth of potential. That same sense of purpose can help you live a life that is truly free. Whether your purpose is your family, like Ben, or something completely different, determining what that purpose is can drastically change your life.

Addiction strips a lot of things away from your life. Sometimes it’s family or friends, sometimes it’s your health or money. Like anyone else, Ben lost a lot of things to his addiction but on the other side of it, he found a sense of purpose that no other life experience could have afforded him.

Take the time to listen and maybe you can start to dig a little deeper into what your purpose really is.


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