Questions Answered: Coalition for Kids

Production Insight from Chris Bowen, President & CEO

Coalition for Kids is such a wonderful organization with an impactful mission. When you are faced with a client who has such a huge emotional impact, how does it change the way you tell their story? Does it make it more or less difficult?

When I find a project like this one, that has so much passion and emotion, it makes the storytelling process much more exciting. In some ways, the stakes are higher, we have to represent organizations like Coalition for Kids the right way. But because everyone involved has such strong feelings, it makes the process of depicting those feelings much easier. I personally have always found it easier and more gratifying to tell a story when I can connect with it on a deep personal level and find meaning in the mission for myself.

What was the most challenging aspect of capturing the footage at Coalition for Kids?

The logistics were intense. Trying to coordinate between their HQ and all of the school locations was complex. There are a lot of different aspects that make this program special, and we had to capture them all. We also had to find time in each individual’s schedule to get their interview and make sure we captured the right type of footage of the kids in the program.

What do you hope viewers take away from this video? 

In my eyes, the most important thing is that everyone in our local community is aware of the incredible resources we have right here in our backyard. This is one of the highest-ranking kids’ programs in the country. They can really make a positive difference in the lives of our children and improve their odds of making it to adulthood successfully. They want our kids to succeed and it’s important that we support them however we can in making that possible. 

How does Coalition for Kids intend to use this video? Do you feel that the team was able to accomplish their goal?  

They plan to use the video lots of different ways. While this longer version will act as a centerpiece, our team actually created about 20 different edits of this video! We edited shorter versions featuring board members, teachers, volunteers and even students. They help to tell the personal stories behind this organization. They can be used for social media, web, and even fundraising purposes. I absolutely feel that our team met and exceeded the needs for this project. I’m just as thrilled with the result as the client is.

Is there anything else you think viewers should know about the production process behind this video?   

Our team spent hours conducting interviews for this project. In total, we interviewed more than twenty people! We included board members, teachers, staff, volunteers, and children. In all those interviews, there were only a handful of people who were able to make it all the way through their story without shedding some tears. They are all genuinely that touched and thankful for the difference this program is making in their lives and in their communities


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