Questions Answered: A CM Love Story

Production Insight from Ryan Maderic, Creative Producer

Where did you get the inspiration for this video come from?

It didn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to bring this concept to life. Nick and I were obsessing over this cart long before we got it. We were sick of lugging all of our equipment around by hand and setting things up on random tables or floors. We knew we needed something, and we wanted to get a cart that could go anywhere, is travel friendly, lasts forever, and has enough room for two in its heart. So, we got an Inovativ Voyager 42 NXT ๐Ÿ˜. Clearly, everyone in the office was making comments at our excitement when it arrived and just about every day after as we obsessed over how much of a game changer this thing was to our daily production life. 

When you get to work on a project like this, which is inherently silly, how do you approach it differently than a normal video?

I’d say the production process was pretty much the same for this project as it is for most other videos we do. We had a general concept in mind, did a little research for inspiration, and had a brainstorm meeting to think about script and b-roll. We ended up writing down some key points that we wanted to touch on during the interview and the rest was just Nick and I making it up and playing off each other on the spot. This is where things differ though, we like to have as much planned as possible normally. But we knew that the best comments would come out naturally as we sat in front of the camera and had fun with it. 

Producing something comical can be difficult. You want it to be genuinely funny, but it can be easy to kill the humor when you TRY to be funny. How did you negotiate that process with this video?

Ok, so we played things up a little for the sake of the video. But overall, Nick and I were actually having a moment when that cart first arrived so, it wasn’t too much of a stretch. The biggest thing was that we were having fun doing it. We (clearly) didn’t take ourselves seriously and took input from our team on some ideas. Even though we felt ridiculous in a lot of these situations, we just let ourselves have fun with it and improvise. 

When you were working on the video, was there a point where you stopped and asked yourself, โ€œWhat if this is only funny to us and not anyone else?โ€ How did you overcome that?

We did want to show off some of the features of the cart and make sure that there was a story to the piece too. Besides the video being about two guys from the office who care too much about their camera cart, there was a story and some cool product shots. Besides that, we didn’t think too much about it being judged by others, we just wanted to make something fun. 

What was the most fun part about producing this?

Some of the most fun parts of this project were just scheming up different scenes with Nick and our crew. We’d toss around ideas for b-roll and lines and just laugh at how cheesy or absurd they were. The interview was also a lot of fun. I’d get a great idea in my head and start saying it out loud for the first time on camera and Nick couldn’t hold it in, he’d bust up laughing while I kept a straight face through the line. This was just a lot of fun to piece together! 


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