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Compelling and heartfelt video content tells the “why” behind your organization—what you do, why you do it, and just how much it matters. We’re the agency to bridge the gap in marketing your mission while you focus on… well, changing the world.

Fundraising Video

Engage hearts and wallets

Ignite generosity and drive donations with our compelling fundraising videos that capture the essence of your nonprofit’s mission, showcasing the impact and inspiring supporters to contribute.

Identity Video

Inspire others to your mission

Unleash the power of your organization’s story through captivating identity videos. From heartfelt founder stories to concise mission explanations, we create visual narratives that resonate with your audience and amplify your nonprofit’s purpose. 

Stakeholder Video

Showcase community initatives

Engage board members and key members of the community with our captivating stakeholder videos. From dynamic annual reports to concise summaries of local initiatives and event coverage, we transform information into compelling visuals that inspire action and foster meaningful connections. 

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Beyond Words: The Emotion of Video Content

When it comes to creating a genuine emotional impact and leaving a lasting impression, there's one resource that stands head and shoulders above the rest—video content.

Sharing Wins: Client Impact Stories from the Greater Kingsport Family

Read more on how CM's video production services helped the Greater Kingsport Family YMCA in achieving their goals and igniting positive responses throughout the community.

Why You Need a Brand Identity Video

A brand identity video, or a brand story, is one of the most versatile marketing tools that a brand can have. These videos serve the purpose of giving a voice to the companies they represent.

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Frequently Asked Questions Nonprofit Video Marketing

  • How can video marketing benefit my nonprofit organization?

    Video marketing can greatly benefit your nonprofit organization by creating engaging and shareable content that raises awareness about your cause. Videos have the power to emotionally connect with your audience, convey your organization’s mission effectively, and inspire viewers to take action, such as making donations or volunteering.

  • What types of videos should my nonprofit organization create?

    There are various types of videos you can create for your nonprofit organization. Some examples include storytelling videos that highlight personal stories of individuals impacted by your organization’s work, event coverage videos, educational videos to explain complex issues related to your cause, and promotional videos to promote fundraising campaigns or volunteer opportunities.

  • How long should our nonprofit organization's videos be?

    The optimal length of your nonprofit organization’s videos can vary depending on the platform and the content. In general, it’s best to keep your videos concise and focused, aiming for 1-3 minutes in length. Attention spans are typically shorter online, so capturing viewers’ attention quickly and delivering your message efficiently is important.

  • Can video marketing help donor retention and engagement?

    Absolutely! Video marketing can play a vital role in donor retention and engagement. By regularly sharing impactful videos showcasing the impact of donations, you can keep donors connected to your organization’s mission and demonstrate the value of their support. Furthermore, personalized video messages or thank-you videos can make donors feel appreciated and valued, fostering stronger relationships and encouraging continued support.

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