Recovery Soldiers Ministries

Freedom From Addiction

Substance abuse recovery is no small undertaking, regardless of your circumstances. It’s important that people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions find the right support at the right time to help them overcome and manage their disease. Recovery Soldiers Ministries is a Christian, faith-based organization dedicated to helping individuals recover from addiction and reclaim their lives. The 12-month program provides a safe recovery home for men and women working to discover life beyond substance abuse. Founders Josh and Marley Scalf were motivation to create their non-profit by their own struggles with addiction.

Josh and Marley approached our team to help them tell their story in an authentic way. They asked us to create marketing tools they can use to help expand their organization and change more lives. To them, hope was one of the single most important aspects of this project. It was vital that our team find a way to share hope for a life beyond addiction with potential supporters, the local community, and potential residents and their loved ones.

To product this identity video, our team spent days researching and getting to know now only the organization and its residents, but also Josh and Marley. We spend two full days filming at both their men’s and women’s homes in Elizabethton, Tennessee and hours interviewing Josh and Marley so they could tell their story in their own words. We hope you are as humbled by their mission as we are.