Milestone Pediatrics

Where we started

Milestone Pediatrics, founded by Dr. Jennifer Rose, set out to transform pediatric care with a personalized, membership-based model. Following her battle with breast cancer, Dr. Rose wanted to offer a more compassionate and accessible approach to healthcare. With just a logo and a dream, she turned to us to build a robust brand and user-friendly website, aiming for a swift launch in June 2024.

Milestone Pediatrics logo
Milestone Pediatrics family doctor
Doctor measures the temperature of a child

Why it matters

Dr. Rose’s mission was to provide a new kind of pediatric care that emphasizes direct access and personalized service. She needed a brand and website that would reflect the friendly, approachable nature of her practice, helping families easily connect with and understand her unique healthcare model.

How we proved it

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Brand Development

We started with a Brand Workshop to dive deep into Dr. Rose’s vision. From there, we developed three stylescapes, combining them to create a vibrant, cohesive brand aesthetic. This included logo variations, a full color palette, fonts, and custom elements like smiley faces and bandaids.

Website Design & Development

Our team designed a straightforward, easy-to-navigate website that provided all the essential information about Milestone Pediatrics, making it easy for potential patients to learn about this innovative care model.


To ensure authenticity, we conducted a photoshoot with real patients, capturing genuine, fun moments that reflected the lively spirit of Milestone Pediatrics, steering clear of generic stock photos.

The Impact

Although still in its early stages, Milestone Pediatrics has received enthusiastic feedback. Dr. Rose is thrilled with the outcome, feeling that the website and branding truly capture her vision. The site’s engaging design and clear information are helping families connect with her practice.