Project Description

“Be dangerous. Unpredictable. And make a lot of noise.”

Brandon Richards is a highly experienced interactive media professional with exceptional creative design skills and incomparable technical know-how. As Cumberland Marketing’s primary web designer, Brandon works hard to apply his expansive knowledge to each client’s individual needs. Brandon’s goal is always to present creative solutions to the challenges his clients face. Having spent most of his career working in the digital universe, Brandon has vast experience partnering with an array of companies including international non-profits, Fortune 500 corporations and even award-winning recording artists. Progressive enhancement, a fundamental tenement of web design, is the focus of Brandon’s professional and personal life. He always seeks to emphasize the core content, what matters most, before adding innumerable nuances. When he isn’t tackling a particularly tough piece of code, you can find Brandon outside enjoying a hike, or setting up his next campsite.